If you’re responsible for improving how projects or change is delivered, we have all the support and tools that you and your team need.
You may be thinking about one, if not all three, of these things … 

What would you like to do?

Develop even better leaders or managers?

Build high performing teams?

Leverage the systems & processes around you?

Our Programmes attract senior executives and their teams from leading organisations across Europe:


Hundreds of Organisations


Participants from Over 22 Countries


Different Industries

Meet the Founder ...

– Gary Travers, Founder, Project Leader.

“I founded Project Leader to help you and your team do great things together…

… so you delight those that benefit from your initiatives …

… and smash the targets you have.”


If you’re responsible for how projects, programmes and change is delivered this is the place for you.


Gary has spent over 30 years in projects, programmes and change.
His experience includes: 
  • Leading the business that developed the world’s largest database on project management and transformation practices – which was acquired by the Project Management Institute.
  • 7 years as a non-executive board member, advising organisations on strategy execution and change.
  • Advising the UK government on industrial strategy, investment and development.
  • A full-time MBA in strategy execution and transformation.
  • An early career executing strategy and projects: first as a chartered professional, then Vice President at a FTSE-100 business and into Managing Director and Chief Executive roles.

Gary now leads the team at Project Leader.

How we support you ...

Whether your priority is to:
  • Develop better leaders or managers,
  • Build better, higher performing teams,
  • Find new ways to work smarter or be more agile …

… there’s a 5-Step process available to you, to take at your own speed, to suit your goals, as you need it.

Which helps you: 

Deliver smarter & faster.

Develop more effective teams.

Enjoy your journey.

Hit your targets.

Have really happy stakeholders.

Delight the people that benefit from your work.

Smile more.

Sleep better!

Membership :

When your organisation joins a programme - your organisation becomes a Member at Project Leader - meaning you get help with 1, 2 or all 3 of:

1. how to develop better leaders & managers
2. how to build better, higher performing teams
3. how to work smarter & faster, be more agile including help with ...

> Creating the ‘right’ culture and environment for sucess …
> Better customer centricity, and design-thinking …
> How to find, allocate, develop, retain great people
> Appropriate governance – direction, alignment, value, diversity & inclusion, assurance, risk … 
> Great communication – reports, data, … buy-in and support!
> Smarter Ways of Working – PPM, BRM, SAFe, change management, lifecycle, lean, innovation, controls, …
> A better grasp of money – planning, budgeting, contingency, reference class modelling, commerciality …
> Wiser capability development
… and more tools, help and insight to help you work smarter and hit your targets.


as 'Head of Unit' / Leader, you also receive:

- personal, confidential support,

- the opportunity to request bespoke analysis and

- individual, prized, & personal membership at Project Leader too.

Whatever your industry or your organisation size, we've already helped:

- someone like you.
- a team like yours.
- an organisation similar to the one you work in.

One of these may help you too:

Our most popular download.

3 Exercises you can do today, to become an even better leader.

Instant impact stuff.

A great team resource. 

We use a 9-step model to create high-performing project or change teams.

Here’s 3 of the steps in Summary for you to think about now.

Feeling undervalued?

Here’s 6-steps you need to take in order to fully explain the value you & your team bring.

This ‘Value Canvas’ is essential to take stock of your team’s resources, operating model, decision support, and objectives – and then use that information to articulate the real Value you bring.

Download it for free.

Sometimes, simple tools are just the job.

This quick checklist can be completed by you in 10 to 15 mins and can clarify your team’s priorities for the weeks & months ahead.

It’s even better when you ask your team to do the same exercise and compare findings.

We bet there’s a difference.

If you’ve got this far and still haven’t found what you’re looking for …

… you can book a free call with an expert and receive:

Personalised, free, confidential help on:

– the 36 traits to become a brilliant leader in projects or change,

– the 16 power skills for senior executives in projects or change,

– immediate advice on how to improve a team ,

– insight on how to take elements of the Project Leader 9-Track Capability Model and deliver smarter and faster.

You can also learn more about some of our fantastic programmes here:

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Being responsible for improving how projects, programmes and change is delivered can be a challenge  … 

but you can access expert help, easily …

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