Deliver better projects & change

If you’re responsible for improving how projects or change is delivered, 

we have all the support and tools 

that you and your team need.

Capability Build

Help for you to deliver smarter and faster.
Improve how work flows, increase throughput and build capability.

People Development

Develop better managers and leaders, build higher performing teams or create Communities of Practice.

Change Support

Access support for you and your team as you pursue change.
Take people with you - gain buy-in.

We’ve created easy ways for you to access support to help you deliver better projects, programmes or change:

1. Access Europe’s leading support programmes for organisations looking to build their project, programme or change capability.

    – Over 100 organisations from 22 Countries have taken part.

2. We founded Europe’s leading network for Heads of Project Management, Heads of PMO or Heads of Change – together a collective force to help you tackle your biggest challenges.

3. Access a support team to help deliver your initiatives, gain buy-in with stakeholders, build momentum and help get stuff done.

* we’re all about creating value for you if you’re responsible for improving how projects and change is delivered.

… and we try to be inspirational too.
… for example – in our programmes – at every session we aim to find you something striking …
… not just useful, but insight and help that will be forever useful. Something you’ll never forget.

It’s a great goal to have when starting an interaction.

Start your journey ...

Our Programmes attract senior executives and their teams from leading organisations across Europe:

An easy way to find support is through a programme ...

Programmes For You and Your Team

Programmes Just for You:

The Leadership Programme for Everyone:


Hundreds of Organisations


Participants from Over 22 Countries


Different Industries

Meet the Founder ...

– Gary Travers, Founder, Project Leader.

“I founded Project Leader to help you and your team do great things together…

… so you delight those that benefit from your initiatives …

… and smash the targets you have.”


If you’re responsible for how projects, programmes and change is delivered this is the place for you.


Gary has spent over 30 years in projects, programmes and change.
His experience includes: 
  • Leading the business that developed the world’s largest database on project management and transformation practices – which was acquired by the Project Management Institute.
  • 7 years as a non-executive board member, advising organisations on strategy execution and change.
  • Advising the UK government on industrial strategy, investment and development.
  • A full-time MBA in strategy execution and transformation.
  • An early career executing strategy and projects: first as a chartered professional, then Vice President at a FTSE-100 business and into Managing Director and Chief Executive roles.

Gary now leads the team at Project Leader.

How we support you ...

Whether your priority is to:
  • Improve how work flows, be more agile, work smarter and faster.
  • Develop better leaders and managers, build higher performing teams, or communities of practice.
  • Support people through change, gain buy-in, build momentum …

Being responsible for improving how projects, programmes and change is delivered can be a challenge  … 

but you can access expert help, easily …

You can be a proactive leader and reserve a call with one of our team to discuss any challenges you have as a leader in projects, programmes and change.

We promise you’ll find new ideas that will help you.

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