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How do you help good people become great project, programme and change professionals?

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If you’d like quick insight on how to improve people skills – this is for you.

Here’s 3 Exercises you can do today, to become an even better people-person and leader.

A download that can help you straight away.

People skills and relational skills are quite intangible things.

Because of that it can be difficult to know where to start or what to focus on if you’d like to improve.

But don’t worry – everyone can get better at these skills regardless of where you’re starting from.

We often use the simple structure below. 

You may like to use it too, when considering how to structure your own thoughts around leadership development … or to choose where you may like to start.

There’s a lot to cover across these 4 areas and we break things down into useful chunks during our programmes but here’s a few pointers for you to think about now.


We cover confidence, resilience and a whole lot more when we help you with character development.
But, for now, try this – think about your Style.

A lot of things play into your Style but we like to think of it as a way to bring your whole (colourful) self to your work and your life.

One aspect of your Style is your Value Set. When was the last time you deliberately reflected on your own, personal Value Set?

Because – here’s the thing – when times are tough, when you’re working in a VUCA (Volatile, Unpredictable, Complex and Ambiguous) environment, your Value Set is key.

It’s a reference point from which to make difficult decisions and a guide when there’s no clear direction ahead. 

Your Value Set will also be unique to you and act as a bedrock for relationships with others.

If you do nothing else as a result of visiting this page – take some time today or tomorrow to think about your own Value Set.

… and if you need a little help thinking about Values and why they’re important – don’t forget, you can book a call.


How you interpret what is going on around you is key.

Take just one simple example –  your Listening Skills.

Really. Don’t skip over this – really think about your approach to Listening. 

Because – we’ve found that no-one believes they’re a bad listener – when in fact some people struggle with ‘higher-order’ listening skills.

It can take time and reflective practice to become a great listener but, if you become a great listener – you and the people around you will make great progress together.

It’s a skill that feeds all other people skills and there’s an easy exercise to practise in the download at the top of this page.


Your ability to work with others is with absolute certainty a real differentiator. It may even be the #1 factor in your career development. 

If you know how to get things done in a team or know how to lead a team well – others will want to work with you and for you.

For help on how to improve your Teaming – you may like to book a call.



When it comes to making an impact – a number of ‘higher-order’ skillsets are required including communicating, decision-making, storytelling, influencing … and more – but let’s take ‘shaking things up’.

In the download paper at the top of this page is a simple exercise in how to ‘shake things up’ – what you may like to consider when looking to reinforce or champion behavioural changes – either for you or across your team.

It’s one easy place to start.

For more help on developing your Personal Impact – you may like to book a call.

We work with project, programme and transformation leadership teams around the world.

It’s given us great insight into what really matters when it comes to improving key interpersonal, people, and leadership skills.

If you would like, you can …

If you’d like a more in-depth way to help good people become great project, programme and change professionals  you can also check out this programme:


1. Character 

2. Understanding 

3. Teaming 

4. Impact 

… framework has been useful when people are looking for a way to structure their people development skills. 

It may help you structure your own approach too.

We’re genuinely here to help. 

As we spend all our time with people who lead projects, programmes or change initiatives we’ve probably helped someone with a very similar challenge to the one you’re facing now.

… you can book a free call with an expert and ask us anything on the subject of projects & transformation, 

or you can receive:

Personalised, free, confidential help on:

– the 36 traits to become a brilliant leader in projects or change,

– the 16 power skills for senior executives in projects or change,

– immediate advice on how to improve a team ,

– insight on how to take elements of the Project Leader 9-Track Capability Model and deliver smarter and faster.

It’s your call.

We also offer project, programme or change professionals who visit this page, the opportunity 
to build a Project Leader Profile …

 … the Profile provides a simple but useful 2-page report for you to keep that is useful in explaining your experience to others or in planning your future development.

You can find out more here.

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