Would your team love this …

– being empowered to reach their full potential?

– being part of a people-centred workplace?
– being proactively encouraged to forge valuable relationships with colleagues?
– knowing that their team leader has invested in their future?

Meaning they’re resilient high-performing and engaged.

Then, you'll love -
The Cohesive Team Experience from Project Leader  ...

The Cohesive Team Experience from Project Leader: 

This is a quick experience that helps any team become more cohesive and higher-performing.

It involves a ‘short workshop series’ customised just for your team.

You’ll cover:

– Your team and the ideal team.  

– What it will take for your team to become a high(er) performing team.

– Process and goal target setting.

– How to really become a more agile team – even if you don’t follow any agile methodology.

– How to be great at collaborating and what to do when competing for resources. 

– How to engage the wider audience beyond your team, and build momentum and buy-in for what you’re looking to achieve.

 – Plus you’ll master:

  • team decision-making

  • team communication

  • new ways to be creative in your team

  • how to model or make behavioural changes

  • and more …

If you have any questions, about the programme, or you’d like to speak to someone:

You can book a Microsoft Teams call directly with the team by following the link below:

The experience includes an exceptional, short-workshop-series (SWS), with exercises in-between and ongoing support as you need it.


You may choose a face-to-face, or online, short-workshop-series (SWS) – or a combination of both.


Plus, your team also get this:

  • Access. During the duration of the programme your whole team (and team around your team) will be granted special access to the unique, additional online workshop programme facilitated by Project Leader. These are one-day, online workshops designed for project, programme and change leaders and are exclusively by invitation-only. Here you’ll get to further consolidate the team skills you’ve learnt during the programme alongside senior professionals from leading organisations across Europe.
  • Availability. We’re here for you … and here to help you to achieve. If there’s anything unclear, just reach out. We’re here between your sessions as well as in your sessions, to answer questions you may have.
  • Certification. To record your team’s commitment to performance and your organisation’s commitment to developing a people-centred environment, team members receive a unique, Project Leader –

Cohesive Team Programme Certificate 

– which  certifies the commitment to your team’s continuing professional development.

And, you get this bonus too:

  • Access to Personal ‘clinics’ for you as the team leader. This is an opportunity to access specialist support, and can be used to consider any aspect of personal or team devleopment – for a whole year after your short-workshop-series.
No-one is ‘in your corner’ more than us, and these ‘clinic’ sessions mean we’re genuinely here to help with whatever you need, on an ongoing basis. 
It makes for an exceptional and uniquely useful experience for you and your team.

This is designed as a quick but critcial experience – it can take as little as 3 short, half-day sessions.

In just a few days from now, you could seriously improve the cohesiveness and performance of your team.

You can find more information by clicking the red button, calling or emailing:

the Team Programme Telephone Line: 

+44 1926 266 583

Or, mail: hello@projectleader.net

Or, reserve a call …