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If people offer us connection and meaning and a place where we can be our own best selves, we will seek that out

Seth Godin is “a place of connection and meaning” for those who lead a project or change function, head up a PMO, or are responsible for the projects, programmes and transformation within your organisation.

This is a one of a kind, “brilliant” network where you will find all the insight, tools and support that you and your senior team will need in leading a project or change function.

Plus, you will access a unique, senior, multi-national, network of peers and make connections that matter.

Request more information and engage with Fortune 500 firms you know, alongside private organisations and government departments all delivering exciting projects, programs and change

We deliver

A network for heads of project & change functions.

Insight, tools and support.

Programs that help you and your team make a fantastic impact.

Free insight and advice.

Find out why it's different

This isn’t for everyone, because leading a project or change function is different than leading a project, program or transformation initiative.

Where to start?

We created a 10 minute exercise, designed just for you as the leader of a project or change function.

It will definitely help you improve your impact and add value.

Download it for free.

Programs For You and Your Team

Programs Just for You:

About us

If you’re responsible for how projects or change is delivered, we provide all the support and tools you need.

We also facilitate an unrivalled network of project and change leaders from across Europe and beyond.

Our services and our programmes attract senior executives and their teams from leading organisations.

You can join in too.



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If you need web help, these guys are great:  Oscat.Agency

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