Supporting you through Organisational and Team Transition

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Tools to help you and help those around you to do well and feel well during changing times.

Here's the 'My Story' Download :

Capture your story.

6 considerations for you to think about your challenges and how you may like to address them  …

… use this framework to capture your story and come back to it, time and again.

The link above leads to a blank copy.

Here’s an additional link to a copy with the section titles included.

Your Resilience Bank :

The ‘5 Pots’ of Resilience:

Here’s the 5 areas that make up your bank or resilience.

This tool will help you think about your resilience, how to track it and how to develop it. 

Here's 5-Steps to Develop a Higher EQ :

The most effective leaders are alike in one crucial way:

They all have a high degree of what has become known as Emotional Intelligence.

Here’s an easy-to-follow process that boosts your EQ (your Emotion Quotient).

If you work with others … this is essential !

Why I Count !

Here’s 5 Questions:

You’ll need to answer these 5 Questions to help record and project your personality and goals. 

Bonus Download: 5 Ways to Wellbeing (nef) :

‘Postcard’ download:

The organisation ‘Foresight’ commissioned the New Economics Foundation to develop this ‘5-ways to wellbeing’ resource.

It’s now adopted by NHS England. It may help you too.

Bonus Download: The 'Wheel of Life' :

The ‘Wheel of Life’:

A simple chart to help take stock of what’s important to you and where you may like to focus over the next 12-24 months.

Our next network workshop is online on May 10th.

We’ll be addressing Agility – organisational agility, team agility, personal agility.


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