May 2023 Workshop – Information and Downloads.

How you, your team, your organisation can become more agile.

The Agile ManifestoValues:

1-Pager + ‘What does it mean for me?’

‘While there is value in the things on the right, we value the things on the left more …’

12 'Agility Targets'

12-Agility Targets 

the 12 areas of Agility …

6 Core Considerations to help with Agility

6-Core Questions 

to help you, your team, your organisation be more agile …’

Here's an A2 Poster on Customer Centricity:

Know your customers or end-users well, and never be out of work!

Keep Customers front of mind.

You can also request a hard copy of this A2 poster – just let us know where to send it.

Here's the 'Build an Avatar' Download:

Build an Avatar:

To help you see things from the
perspective of your stakeholders,
improve buy-in, & achieve a better User Experience. 

Download a copy of the Value Canvas here:

Feeling undervalued?

Here’s 6-steps you need to take in order to fully explain the value you & your team bring.

This ‘Value Canvas’ is essential to take stock of your team’s resources, operating model, decision support, and objectives – and then use that information to articulate the real Value you bring.

6 Considerations Scoreard

Plot and Plan:

A 1-pager to help you plot where you are now and record the key targets you’re looking to achieve.

Designed to help non-agile or low-agile organisations become more agile.

6 Steps to Disruptive Thinking

Disruptive Thinking:

Agile leadership sometimes requires disruptive thinking. 

16 Leadership Levers from Project Leader

Tackling the complex?

This is key if you don’t know how or where to start when it comes to developing your leadership and people skills. …

… here’s 16 levers across 4 areas to help you take charge and structure your leadership development. 

This workshop is one day in a programme of workshops held in-person and online throughout the year.

You can find more information about the Partner Programme for you and your team, here.

Our next workshop is in London on June 28th.


If you’d like good people to become great project, programme and change professionals  you can also check out this programme:

We’re genuinely here to help. 

As we spend all our time with people who lead projects, programmes or change initiatives we’ve probably helped someone with a very similar challenge to the one you’re facing now.

… you can book a free call with an expert and ask us anything on the subject of projects & transformation, 

Personalised, free, confidential help on:

– the 36 traits to become a brilliant leader in projects or change,

– the 16 power skills for senior executives in projects or change,

– the 3 initial steps to create a high performing team ,

– insight on how to take elements of the Project Leader 9-Track Capability Model and deliver smarter and faster.

It’s your call.

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