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Work smarter – resources.

Being responsible for delivering projects, programmes or change is a complex endeavour.
So at Project Leader we turn a complex ‘impossible’ challenge into 9 difficult ones!
We run programmes and generate insight across all 9 challenges and when tackled as a programme, organisations, divisions, or teams learn to work smarter.
A good place to start is to prioritise:

Sometimes simple tools are just the job …

This quick checklist can be completed by you in 10 to 15 mins and can clarify your team’s priorities for the weeks & months ahead.
It’s even better when you ask your team to do the same exercise and compare findings.
We bet there’s a difference.
It’s critical but not enough to deliver well.
This 6-Step process is for you, as the person responsible for improving delivery.
It can act as a quick checklist to;
  • use privately as a tool to think through, develop, clarify, collate & test the impact you & your team bring. (It’s not enough to do a great job; people need to know!)
  • use with your team to help develop your team’s positioning, messaging and what you require in order to be successful, all in a digestible form.
  • use as the basis to tell everyone publicly about the great value you and your team bring.

The 5 Principles to Great Assurance.

Facilitated by Project Leader – thirty heads of projects / heads of change came together and analysed what makes for great assurance in projects, programmes & change.
We landed on 5 universal principles for assurance that are worth considering, regardless of your industry or size of organisation …
The 9 Nudges – Mindspace Model.
Originally created by the Behavioural Insights Team or ‘Nudge Unit’ we often use the Mindspace Model to help ‘nudge’ change.

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