If you could distil what we can do for you in 3 words it would be these: 

Support, Inspire, Inform.



If you’ve spoken with a member of the Project Leader team you’ll know how genuinely supportive we aim to be.

You may have joined one of our interactive workshops, benefitted from one of our bursaries or just taken advantage of a capability improvement call or complimentary ‘ask us anything’ clinic.

You’ll know we’re here to help.


At every Programme workshop and at every other opportunity – we aim to inspire you.

If you’ve been to a workshop you’ll know that the number #1 item at the top of your ‘PL Triangle’ – the method you’ll use to make the most of your workshop interactions – is for you to record something you’ve found Striking.

Not just useful – but Striking. Something you’ll never forget.

It’s a worthwhile aim. Everyone needs a little inspiration to be great and if you join in, inspiring you is a real aim for us.


You’ll be able to tap into the collective wisdom of 100’s of organisations that have taken part in a Programme with us.

Bundle that insight with practical tools designed to help you and bespoke research on themes you choose and you and your team will be really informed.

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… be supported, inspired & informed …

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