The Leadership Programme with Project Leader. 

– How to help good project, programme and change people become great project, programme and change professionals.

‘thank you for this great course’ 

– Ivan B, Project Management Department, Barcelona.


You already know that people skills are key when delivering complex projects, programmes and change. 

And, the more senior your role, the more important these ‘soft’ relational skills matter.

But often these ‘soft’ skills are really the hardest skills to master.


We’ve developed a 6-month online experience customised for every participant that helps master those difficult skills.


This isn’t one-size fits all, this helps every single participant make a real, positive, individual impact.

You’ll cover:

– Confident leadership.  

– Greater collaboration and how to deal with conflict or competition for resource.

– The secrets to developing a higher EQ/EI – ‘Emotional Intelligence’.

– How to get the most out of a team or how to work better within a team. 

– How to influence a wider audience – beyond your team, across your organisation and even how to build a presence in a wider community or public forum.

 – And you’ll master:

  • decision-making

  • communication

  • new ways to be creative in work

  • how to model or make behavioural changes

  • and more …

If you have any questions, about the programme, or you’d like to speak to someone:

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All the details you need are in this online brochure:

The experience includes exceptional, one-to-one sessions with exercises in-between:

  • A welcome pack delivered to you that guides you through the preparation work.
  • Access to the Project Leader Profile Builder and Project Leader Journey Capture tools as well as a guide on what to expect during your experience.
  • Your first online session with your carefully chosen advisor. Together you will examine the unique context and environment you operate within, as well as your challenges and leadership ambitions. Alongside your journey and your profile, a picture emerges from which you will enhance your relational skills and leadership effectiveness.
  • Five further, online, personalised sessions with your advisor. These address all the elements described earlier around; confident leadership, your style, your gravitas, your value-set, (‘your project or change leadership dna’), your decision-making, collaboration, your EQ, your influencing and your communicating … all of which will help you become a great project, programme or change professional.
  • Exercises and tools, personalised for you. These will help you master essential interpersonal skills.

you also get this:

  • Flexibility. We know that you’re busy, so we’ve created flexibility in your experience. We recommend undertaking your sessions over a 6-month period – it’s a great length of time to try the tools and techniques you discover and embed your experience. But you’re free to accelerate your experience over a matter of weeks or extend your experience for up to a year.
  • Availability. We’re here for you … and here to help you to achieve. If there’s anything unclear, just reach out. We’re here between your sessions as well as in your sessions, to answer questions you may have.
  • Access. During the duration of the programme you will be granted special access to the unique, additional online workshop programme facilitated by Project Leader. These are one-day, online workshops designed for project, programme and change leaders and are exclusively by invitation-only. Here you’ll get to practice some of the skills you’ve learnt during the programme alongside senior professionals from leading organisations across Europe.
  • Certification. To record your commitment to developing your leadership and relational skills, on completion, you receive an authentic, unique, Project Leader – Leadership Programme Certificate.

And, you get this bonus:

  • After your second session with your advisor, you’ll receive fresh material, customised for you, including a fantastic collection of relational skill and leadership insights that we believe will specifically help you, in your environment, on your leadership journey.
It’s not just useful and insightful … we promise this experience will really help you s-t-r-e-t-c-h your people engagement and leadership capabilities for the better.

It’s a clever thing to do.

Because the tools, techniques and insight you will acquire during this experience will help you not just in work, but in everything you do.
Because what you learn here will last FOREVER.
Because, if you want to become a better, more effective project, programme or change professional, you really need people skills, you need to know how to lead, how to motivate, how to inspire people, how to improve your interactions with others and how to help those around you, enjoy your journey together and achieve great things.

For an experience that can change your approach,

for the better,

for ever…

You can take part in the Leadership Programme at Project Leader for £990.00 +VAT

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